/Solar Eclipse Glasses

         It's 2:00 a.m. - The fire alarm in your building is ringing and the fire department responds. With a KNOX-BOX at the front door, firefighters save time by being able to immediately enter your facility. Within the KNOX-BOX are your secure building keys.

      Immediately seeing the key vault, firefighters don't reach for the ax to break down your front door. Eliminating forced entry means no door replacement costs (not usually covered by your insurance company because of high deductibles). Property damage is prevented with no broken windows, no forced door frames or locks, no flying glass to injure firefighters.

     You arrive on site knowing that you or your representative didn't have to be there before firefighters could enter your building. The fire department has already determined that the small fire was contained by the sprinkler system. It was the reduced emergency response time that meant immediate shut off of the sprinkler water supply resulting in minimal smoke fire and water damage to your property.

     Even before parking your car, you see that the fire department has already re-locked the front door and replaced your key inside the KNOX-BOX

     In a time of reduced funding and manpower, your fire department has performed its duties with increased effectiveness and is now free to respond to the next emergency.

    Your minimal expenditure to install a KNOX-BOX has allowed you, the building owner, to satisfy local fire codes and ordinances while providing peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction.