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Frequently Asked Water Questions



  1. Q: Is there a water deposit required to start service?
  1. Q: When will I receive my first bill?
  1. Q: When will my meter be read?
  1. Q: Is there a minimum bill?
  1. Q: How much is water?
  1. Q: How much is sewer?
  1. Q: What other costs will be on my bill?
  1. Q: When are Utility bills due?
  1. Q: What if my Utility payment is late?
  1. Q: How do I make a payment?
  1. Q: What if my water is turned off for non-payment?
  1. Q: What if I need to turn off my water to make repairs in my residence?

      13. Q: Who do I call if I need my water shut off for an emergency after your office is closed?


Important Phone Numbers
Ontario Water Department 541-881-3246
Ontario Water Department Fax # 541-881-3262
Ontario Sanitary Service 541-889-5719
Idaho Power - General Information (800) 488-6151
Department of Motor Vehicles 541-889-8712
Cascade Natural Gas 541-889-5391