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JACOBS  Utility Maintenance
City Shop, 1551 NW 9th Street, Ontario, OR 97914 

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends & Holidays
After Hour
Emergency Number:

Cliff Leeper

Public Works Director

Phone: 541-889-8572
Fax:  541-889-3488
Email: Cliff.Leeper@jacobs.com


Utility Maintenance

The Utility Maintenance staff is responsible for Water Distribution and Sewer Collection throughout the City.  Five employees hold Certifications in Wastewater Collection Operations. There are four employees certified as Water Distribution Level II operators.  We also have one employee certified as a Backflow Tester and one licensed for Chemical Application to apply chemicals for weed control.  All employees in this division have their Commercial Drivers Licenses and Flagger certifications as required by their job descriptions.

Water Distribution

Staff ensures that water is delivered to the customers' taps when needed, and that the drinking water delivery system meets Oregon State Drinking Water Standards. Duties include the maintenance and repair of approximately 96.47 miles of water lines and 3,625 services which include service installations and repairs, mainline installation and repair, meter reading and repairs, maintenance and repair of 611 fire hydrants, valve exercising of 1,714 water valves, and emergency response. Staff installs approximately 10 new water services and replaces or repairs approximately 120 services annually.  Duties also include testing of all backflow devices on City property.

Homeowners requiring water shut off at the meter are required to contact City personnel.  Call 541-889-8572 and a City representative will come out and turn your water off.  If water needs to be shut off on the weekend or after hours during the week, please call 541-473-5125 and Malheur County Dispatch Center will notify the on-call person to turn off your water.  If a homeowner or contractor attempts to shut off the water at the meter without calling the City and the meter or waterline breaks, all repair expenses will be made at the homeowner's expense. 

Sewer Collection

Utility Maintenance staff ensures that wastewater generated from each home and business is delivered to the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant. There are 77.88 miles of sanitary sewer lines within the City of Ontario.  Responsibilities include constructing new pipelines to replace defective ones or to provide increased service capacity, cleaning all gravity sanitary sewer lines annually, repairing or replacing sanitary sewer lines as needed, providing line locations for all water and sewer lines as needed, and maintaining eight lift stations which move the wastewater generated throughout the City and the barscreen and one lift station from Snake River Correctional Institute to the Wastewater Treatment Plant within DEQ regulations. 

Surface Water Management (Storm water)

The City has 56.14 miles of Storm Drain collection lines and 1,457 catch basins throughout the City limits.  Duties include Storm Drain maintenance and repair, cleaning of approximately eleven miles of Storm Drain lines and cleaning the catch basins annually.  Staff also responds to hazardous material spills that may potentially discharge into the storm drain lines which discharge into the Snake River. 

The City provides an annual leaf pickup service in the fall to protect the City's storm drains from becoming clogged with leaves, causing water to back up and create flooding hazards. Leaves, branches, garden plants and other yard debris is picked up by City staff and taken to the local Sanitary Service where it is decomposed at a local landfill.  This service helps protect the storm drains as well as provides a service to the citizens for removing their organic yard debris.     

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