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JACOBS  Street Division
City Shop, 1551 NW 9th Street, Ontario, OR 97914

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends & Holidays
After Hour
Emergency Number:

Cliff Leeper

Public Works Director

Phone: 541-889-8572

Fax:  541-889-3488
Email: Cliff.Leeper@jacobs.com


Street Maintenance:

The Street Maintenance Division's primary mission is to construct and maintain a street system that will provide safe and efficient transportation.  This Division maintains the City's largest capital investment—122.58 lane miles of improved streets, 1.76 lane miles of unimproved streets and 9.05 miles of alleys.  The Street Division is responsible for resurfacing, repairing and maintaining the streets, installing and maintaining street signs and markings, tree trimming, and repairing all established pavement markings. The Division also completes excavation and repair of deteriorating streets, gravel road grading, daily street sweeping, crack sealing, chipsealing, snow removal and sanding during the winter months, and weed control along the alleys.  Two of the employees in this division are licensed Chemical Applicator and applies the chemicals for weed control. All employees in this division have their Commercial Drivers Licenses and Flagger certification as required by their job descriptions.   Street Maintenance staff assists the City Chamber of Commerce by putting up decorations on street lights during the Christmas season and replacing them with the regular decorations when the season is over. 

Annual Street Resurfacing

 As part of the Street Division's maintenance program, crews chipseal street surfaces to protect them from water and weather damage and to keep them in good condition.  A chipseal maintains the existing pavement, delaying further aging due to water and sun; and provides a moisture barrier and corrects existing pavement problems by sealing cracks.  A chipseal application, as opposed to overlaying or reconstruction of the road, provides substantial savings to taxpayers and should last a minimum of eight years with minimal maintenance required. The City chipseals approximately 6.73 miles per year and is on an eight to nine year cycle.


"The City of Ontario has adopted the current Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction (ISPWC) specification in addition to the 2008 City of Ontario Supplemental Standards. The City requires all contractors to be licensed with the State of Oregon.


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