Burn Ban

As of 06-27-2014

effective until later part of October

due to high levels of Fire Danger


Rural Burn Permits

Open burn, field burn, and burn barrels require a permit issued by the Ontario Fire and Rescue Department. The permits may be obtained at City Hall during business hours Monday through Friday. There is no charge for Rural permits.


Open burns shall not be within 25 feet of any buildings, fences, trees or property lines.

Burn Barrels shall not be within 10 feet of same. The ground shall be clear of burnable material for a minimum of 10 feet.

Field Burns shall have a completely disked fire line around the burn area prior to ignition. Before starting large field burns, please call the Fire Department to let us know you are beginning your burn.

Permits are valid for 7 days for Open Burns during daylight hours and under the following conditions:

Materials to be burned shall be organic and dry, NO garbage, NO plastics, NO rubber or other man-made materials.

Burn shall be continuously attended by an able bodied person with a garden hose or sufficient firefighting equipment*.

All fires must be extinguished at dusk or before left unattended.

Field and or open burns shall have a fire lane disked totally enclosing the burn area before ignition.

Burn Barrels shall have a wire mesh top screen of 5/8" and be on bare ground with no combustibles within 10 feet.

All Burning shall stop if winds increase over 20 MPH, and/or the air temperature exceeds 90 degrees F., and/or burning emits noxious smoke.

Notification shall be given prior to burning near any BLM ground (within 1 mile) by calling Vale BLM at 473-3221.

If large amount of smoke and/or fire are expected, please call Fire Department personnel before burning at 881-3233 or dispatch at 541-473-5125.

 *Firefighting equipment and personnel sufficient to control the fire shall be present continually at the burn     site until fire is extinguished. (i.e. garden hose, sprayer,tractor & disc, fire extinguisher, shovel)

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