Ontario Police Department

      City Hall, 444 SW 4th Street, Ontario, OR 97914

Non-Emergency (24/7)
PH:  541-889-5312
FAX: 541-889-3026
Cal Kunz
Police Chief
Phone:  541-889-5312 ext 3225
Sheri Smith
Police Office Manager /
City Technology Supervisor
Phone:  541-889-5312 ext 3238
Mission Statement: "The mission of the Ontario Police Department is to create a safer Ontario by protecting our citizens, enforcing laws and building trust in partnership with our community. We strive to serve with integrity and professionalism while ensuring fair and impartial treatment for all."


The Ontario Police Department is located in City Hall at 444 SW 4th Street in Ontario, Oregon.  The police department provides services to the citizens of Ontario 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The Ontario Police Department consists of 24 full-time employees and three part-time. We also have one volunteer member that works Tuesday and Thursday mornings as our fingerprinting technician.
The Ontario Police Department consists of five divisions - Administration, Patrol, Evidence, Ordinance and Records.  The administration consists of Police Chief Cal Kunz and Office Manager Sheri Smith.
Currently there are three patrol sergeants and 16 officers that make up the patrol division. Two of the 16 patrol officers serve as School Resource Officers (SRO) during the school year.
The patrol division is broke into two teams who work a unique shift schedule.  One team will cover Monday through Thursday, working 10-hour shifts, while the other team covers Friday through Sunday, working 12.5-hour shifts.  The teams switch workdays every four weeks.  The team working the 12.5-hour shifts end up owing 10 hours, which is taken care of during a scheduled training day.  We are able to get an array of required training to officers without having to pay overtime.  This shift schedule allows each officer an equal amount of day shifts, night shifts, and weekends off.  The schedule also allows sufficient time to change from day shift to night shift or vice versa.
Each officer is guaranteed 60 hours of in-service training per year due to the shift schedule.  Officers generally receive additional training through a variety of sponsors.  Some officers receive specialized certification training relating to firearms, defensive tactics, Taser, and crime scene investigation.
Officers Jon Esplin and BJ Snyder serve as the School Resource Officers for the Ontario School District.  In turn, the School District funds a portion of the SRO program.
The Evidence Division is staffed by a part-time Evidence Technician David Worth, whose job function is to organize and catalog property and evidence. He will also transport, mail, disperse and dispose property and evidence when required. Mr. Worth also serves as the Fingerprint Technician Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
The Ordinance Control Division is comprised of Code Enforcement Officer Dallas Brockett and part-time Assistant Code Enforcement Officer Billy Carter.  The Ordinance Division handles dog issues, weeds, garbage, abandoned vehicles and building codes.
The Ontario 9-1-1 PSAP (Public Safety Answer Point) Center was consolidated to Malheur County July 1, 2014.  All 9-1-1 calls as well as non-emergency calls for service are answered at the Malheur County 9-1-1 PSAP and dispatched from that location to the appropriate responding agency.
With the loss of the Ontario 9-1-1 Center, a new Police Support Specialist position was created to handle various duties once provided by our 9-1-1 division.  The Police Support Specialist is currently a part-time position and works Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a half hour lunch break.  This position is currently responsible for police records which includes report distribution, uniform crime reporting, sex offender registration, vehicle and property releases, social media, as well as various data entry tasks.
Through the front desk at city hall, we issue authorization for parades, yard sales, bike registrations, and dog licensing.  We work with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and their application process for business liquor licenses as well as alcohol permits and licenses for other events taking place in our community.  The police department also provides public services such as fingerprinting, child safety seat education, bicycle registration, crime prevention education and rape prevention education.
The Ontario Public Safety Citizens Board is a community group that meets once a month to discuss events happening in our community and to learn about the different tools used by our staff to enforce the laws and ordinances of Ontario. The community is always welcome to attend.  Check our calendar for dates and topics.


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Due to Departmental Changes - a 2015 Annual Report was not published.


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