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June 4, 2015 - Press Release (PDF version)

On Wednesday, June 3rd at approximately 12:10pm, Ontario Police, Ontario Fire and
Rescue and Treasure Valley Paramedics responded to Treasure Valley Community
College regarding an individual who had sustained severe burns to his body.

It was determined that twenty-two year-old Ramon Fry, had poured what appears to be
gasoline upon himself and then lit the fuel with a lighter. Mr. Fry then entered a courtyard
fountain in order to attempt to extinguish the flames, which were burning his clothing and
skin. Mr. Fry sustained severe burns throughout his body and has been transferred to a
Burn Center in Utah with life threatening injuries. He remains in critical condition.
The Ontario Police Department had recently become aware of mental health issues
involving Mr. Fry and was in the process of coordinating services for him just prior to the
event. Ramon's intent has not been determined, but does not appear to be a case of
attempted suicide.

While there were minimal witnesses to the incident, Treasure Valley Community College
is preparing to offer counseling services to students who might have seen the incident or
know Ramon.

This is a tragic event, but emphasizes the reason local law enforcement and mental health
services have been increasing our awareness and training relating to mental health issues.
Those suffering from mental illness or concerned for another, should seek professional
mental health services. Those in Malheur County can call Lifeways Behavioral Health or
their local law enforcement agency.

  Mark Alexander
  Chief of Police
  541-889-5312 ext 2303