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Ontario Public Safety Citizens Board



The Ontario Public Safety Citizens Board was originally established in July 2002 as the Police Citizens Board which focused on presentations and updates regarding criminal justice issues. In July 2014 the program was redesigned to encompass a wider range of public safety issues and was renamed the Ontario Public Safety Citizens Board.


The Board is a Key Communicator Group that meets the first Wednesday of each month at noon in the Ontario City Council Chambers at city hall.  Presentations concerning criminal justice, fire service and emergency service issues are conducted at the meetings.  Time is also given for updates along with any questions, concerns or inquiries the members might have.

Some of the topics presented to the Public Safety Board are:

New members are always welcome.  For more information, contact Police Chief Cal Kunz at the Ontario Police Department.

Chief Cal Kunz
Phone:  541-889-5312 ext 3225
Email:  cal.kunz@ontariooregon.org