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Public Works Committee

The purpose of the public works committee shall be to advise the city council and the Public Works Director regarding matters in the public works area, including but not limited to, street construction and maintenance, water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer line construction and maintenance.  In addition, the Committee may advise the Council and/or Public Works Director on any matter upon which the Council and/or Public Works Director requests guidance; provided, however, that the Committee shall not engage in any engineering practices as that term is defined in state law, nor shall it develop specifications covering public works projects unless such specifications are approved by a duly-registered professional engineer.

The Public Works Director shall bring any and all proposed changes to the Ontario Municipal Code that affects the public works department to the public works committee for their review and recommendation prior to being presented to the city council.  This shall include, but not be limited to, any standard drawings and specifications, utility charges, fees or SDC changes or additions, master plans or studies, and major capital improvement projects.  This requirement shall not mean that the public works department will bring the public works department budget to the public works committee, as the public works department budget is the responsibility of the city budget committee.