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JACOBS  Operations Division
City Shop, 1551 NW 9th Street, Ontario, OR 97914

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends & Holidays
After Hour
Emergency Number:
Cliff Leeper
Public Works Director

Phone: 541-889-8572

Fax:  541-889-3488


Veronica Pantaleon
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 541-889-8572

Fax:  541-889-3488

Email: Veronica.Pantaleon@jacobs.com


This division is responsible for street maintenance, water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drain maintenance.  Dave Van Wagoner, Operations Manager, oversees the Street Maintenance and Utility Maintenance Divisions.  Dave Van Wagoner, along with Jerry Elliot, Engineering Manager, also assist in the project identification, design analysis, and project administration of Public Works projects throughout the city.

Veronica Pantaleon also servers the Street Maintenance and Utility Maintenance staff.  Her duties include handling daily customer complaints and/or routing them to appropriate staff, issuing purchase orders and coding invoices for submission to Finance, preparing employee timecards, and assisting with the Backflow/Cross Connection Program.

The City of Ontario has a Cross-Connection Program which is administered by the Operations Division. Oregon Health Services has established rules that require the City to protect its water system, which is accomplished by requiring that all underground sprinklers attached to the City's water main have a backflow device installed. This device prevents any non-potable water source within a citizen's property from entering into and contaminating the community drinking water supply. The Operations Division monitors the identification and testing of backflow devices in the City. (See Backflow link below)


"The City of Ontario has adopted the current Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction (ISPWC) specification in addition to the 2008 City of Ontario Supplemental Standards. The City requires all contractors to be licensed with the State of Oregon."

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