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"Smoke detectors Save Lives"

During the  month of October Ontario Fire & Rescue perform their annual Smoke Detector Program by going house to house checking smoke detectors to see if they are working properly. If the unit needs replaced or need a battery we replace it for you to keep you safe.

Most fire deaths and injuries happen between midnight and 8:00am while the victims are asleep. The sooner you are alerted to the fire the more likely you will get out alive. Please continue checking your detectors monthly to insure they are working properly.

"Check It Today Tomorrow May Be Too Late"

Smoke detectors can be found at most good hardware and variety stores right here in Ontario! Either battery or hard wired models are OK, battery models are required in all new construction and are easier to maintain. Look for a a "U.L." or "F.M" testing on the label. As of January 1, 1998, all battery operated detectors will have 10 year 9 volt batteries.

Install Smoke detectors on every Level of your home, in and outside each sleeping area.

Because smoke rises, each detector should be on the ceiling or high on the wall and at least 10"-12" from any corner. Also avoid placing detectors near air registers for heating and cooling systems.

All smoke detectors need to be tested, and maintained. Testing is just a matter of pushing a button. Maintenance is cleaning with a vacuum (all types). and installing a new battery in the one year battery models. Make note if you have a 10 year lithium smoke detector batteries do not have to be replaced every year.  Most unit of that type average 8-10 years before replacing the battery.

Plan with your family on what to do in the event of an alarm or fire.


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