Ontario Fire Department
  City Hall, 444 SW 4th Street, Ontario, OR  97914

Non-Emergency (24/7)
PH:  541-881-3275
FAX: 541-881-7121
Al Higinbotham
Fire Chief
Phone:  541-881-3230
Julia Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  541-881-3275
Email: julia.rodriguez@ontariooregon.org
The Ontario Fire Department provides emergency response to medical, fire, hazardous material, and specialized rescue response twenty four hours a day seven days a week, for our citizens within our immediate response area. We also provide the same services, per mutual aid agreement, to several outlying cities and fire districts. Fire prevention becomes a key goal within our community; from the fire safety talks, to fire inspections within businesses, and residential installation of smoke detectors.
Ontario Fire & Rescue protects over 18,000 people living in the Treasure Valley, with over 100 square miles of coverage. The department consists of 9 paid professionals on staff, 29 volunteer professionals (on-call non-career firefighters) and one full-time Admin Assistant, for a total of 40 personnel. The department has 12 emergency vehicles including a 110' aerial and a haz-mat unit.
Ontario Fire and Rescue is currently accepting applications for On-Call Non-Career Firefighters.  Click HERE for the application and job announcement located on the City of Ontario's Human Resource site.  Being a volunteer firefighter might be the most rewarding job you could ever have!!

Department Mission Statement:

The Ontario Fire & Rescue Department shall provide the citizens of Ontario with a progressive and the best economically possible life safety, property and environmental protection and assistance from emergencies caused by fires, explosions, accidents, illness, hazardous materials and storms.     

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