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Fire Education


Ontario Fire and Rescue Department firefighters educate our local children in fire safety throughout the year. They give station tours to local programs; headstart, preschools and other area children. Our department also goes to area schools and gives a fire prevention class to the 1st and 2nd grade classes.

Station Tours:

Children who come to the fire station will get to meet the firefighters who are on shift. The firefighters will talk about fire safety and give them a tour of the station. Children will get to see the vehicles they drive, and equipment they use to help assist in putting out fires. Children get to see how the firefighters live while they are at the station.

Grade School Classes:

In the fall the fire department gives a fire prevention class to the 1st grade classes. They talk about what type of things the kids will see and find that may start a fire. How not to touch these items and to tell an adult. They have the kids demonstrate how to Stop, Drop, and Roll. They show the kids a smoke detector and demonstrate how it works, and how it protects them and their family. Firefighters talk about how important it is to have an escape plan and discuss having a good meeting place. The schools we visit are:

Four Rivers Community School

Alameda School

May Roberts School

St. Peter School

Treasure Valley Christian School

Cairo School

Aiken School


To schedule a station tour or to be put on our mailing list for fire prevention classes, please call our office at 541-881-3275.