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Adam J. Brown, City Manager
Ontario, Oregon

A Diversity Advisory Committee has been created at the director of the City Council. The Committee will be composed of seven members representative of varying area cultures and socio-economic circumstances. Consideration for broad representation reflective of the community shall be the primary factor in selection of the Committee members. Recommendations from community associations that represent diverse populations shall be an additional contributing factor for selection of Committee members.

The Committee shall be reflective of the city demographics, including to the best degree possible, age. Membership must represent more than two different ethnicities, cultures, generations, genders and/or socio-economic statuses. No one ethnicity, culture, or socio-economic status shall be represented by more than 50% of the Committee membership. The Committee serves to provide a means of intentional communication between the community's diverse cultures and communities with the city's elected and appointed officials. The Committee also provides representatives that the city's varying area cultures and socio-economic circumstances can contract with issues, concerns, and problems which relate to the city. This enhanced communication will assist in the development of a stronger community that is respectful of all nationalities, races, genders, ethnic groups, ages, and socio-economic classes and cultures.

All seats shall be filled through an open application process with final selection by the City Council. Upon establishment of the Committee, members will serve staggered terms: three members will serve a 3-year term; two members will serve a 2-year term; and one member will serve a single term. Following the staggered term, each appointed member shall serve a 3-year term running from January 1st to December 31st.

One person from the City Council shall serve as an Ex-Officio member of the Committee, and will also be the Liaison to the Council on Committee issues.

Committee meetings will be held at least every other month at a time and date decided upon by the Committee.

The Committee shall elect a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary on an annual basis for one year terms. The Chair shall serve no more than three consecutive terms. Meeting minutes of the Committee shall be provided to the City Council in the month following the Committee meeting.

Diversity Advisory Committee

Committee Application.pdf

Ordinance #2728-2017: OMC 2-6 - Creating a Diversity Advisory Committee.pdf

Resolution #2017-117: Supporting Diversity and Establishing a Diversity Advisory Committee.pdf