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City Manager's Weekend Update


June 8, 2018

Welcome to the weekly City Manager update. In an effort to be transparent and make more information available to the general public, I will be attempting to share weekly updates of projects and activities going on with the City of Ontario. I hope you find this informative and helpful.


Council Work Session - The City Council held their work session on Thursday and accomplished a lot of business. The topics included the water discharge permit, a Housing Incentive Program application, adoption of the Airport Operations Manual, liquor license reviews, social gaming fee discussion, water main installations, water treatment plant repairs, the annual fiscal budget, and public voter petition filings for marijuana legalization.

A young citizen named Niko came to the council meeting with the Recreation Manager Debbie Jeffries. Niko asked the Recreation Department if they would put on a hockey program. Thanks to our recreation manager, the 8C School District, and Niko, they are putting together some opportunities to play some indoor hockey. Niko got his picture with the City Council.

Eastern Oregon Economic Development Board met on Monday. They reviewed financing options available from the public sector and private sector.

SREDA  - The Snake River Economic Development Authority had their monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Splash Pad - Bid documents for several parts of the splash pad will go out soon. Friends of the Aquatic Center and I met to prepare for the upcoming presentation in Salem for the bathroom grant.

Meeting with TVCC and Airport - I met with TVCC to discuss their aviation program needs. They are doing a wonderful job and the next semester is looking great! If you know of someone wanting to fly, send them to TVCC!

Skate Park - I had a delightful meeting with two young men who want to start raising funds for renovations to the skate park. They shared their ideas. I told them we would set up a city fund for them as the fiduciary and owner of the park. They are going to go out and start raising funds. Skate parks are becoming a consistent part of a community recreation portfolio. There are grants especially for grass roots efforts to help fund improvements. We continue to look for opportunities to work with partners to stretch city dollars.

Facilities Task Force - I also participated in the 8C School District Facilities Taskforce Wednesday night.

June 2018 Youth Recreation Track MeetParks & Recreation
Debbie volunteered at Gridiron Dreams Football Camp in Boise on June 1, 2, and 3 - they had a great camp and turnout. We will be able to send kids from our Boys and Girls Club on scholarships to the Payette Gridiron Dreams Camp on July 14th for the volunteering Debbie did.
Girls Softball played 13 games this week and dodged several storms!!
Youth Track Meet was held on Wednesday, June 6th and we had 327 participants. Thanks to the staff and volunteers, who were few, but got it done!
Monday evening began the start of a two-week night closure of the Ontario airport runway for the purpose of painting new numbers and electrical work. PAPI-precision approach path indicator lighting will be installed at the end of runway 15 as well as REIL-runway end identifier lights. The new non-paved runway has been cleared and is now being leveled and compacted.
A general work day of cleanup and painting has been planned for this Friday in conjuction with an appreication BBQ.
Community & Economic Development
Staff is reviewing 8 applications for issuing building permits. We issued 9 permits this past week.
Council approved one Facade Grant application for the Dorsey Music Store (formerly Grief's Music) on South Oregon.
Staff held one PDAC meeting for a possible new commercial operation on S. Oregon.
Staff is continuing to work on an old economic development project that has new life.
One of our older projects has come back to life, but at this time it's being held very confidential and as we move forward with it we will be able to release more information on this when we can.
Our planning tech, Marcy, is continuing with her twenty week Oregon Residential Structural class offered through the State of Oregon Building Code Division. Marcy and Dwayne are in Salem this week attending a class and test for one of the certificates for the Building Department. Both passed! Beginning Monday, June 11th, Dwayne Holloway will officially take over as the new Building Official for all New Building projects while Danny Little will continue until all existing building permits are completed.
Public Works - Jacobs
Field Service

Splash Pad preliminary work continues.

Sewer cleaning continues throughout the City.

Well 17 required some trouble shooting.
River levels are high due to run off. Operations are good. River raw water supply is stable and good treatment has resulted.
Parks & Cenetery

Staff completed regularly scheduled maintenance on irrigation systems in both cemeteries and parks.

Work crews from the prision helped gather flowers left from Memorial Day and then weed eating duties at Water and Wastewater Plants and East Idaho area.


Authorization to proceed with the design of the water plant baffle wall repairs was received from the City Council.

Adam J. Brown
City Manager