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City Manager's Weekend Update



Welcome to the weekly City Manager update. In an effort to be transparent and make more information available to the general public, I will be attempting to share weekly updates of projects and activities going on with the City of Ontario. I hope you find this informative and helpful.

The City Manager's office was busy responding to public records requests and preparing the council agenda for next Tuesday night at 7 PM. We are still looking for applicants for the Diversity Advisory Committee, the Airport Committee, and also a member of the Public Works Committee. You can fill out an application here. (Committee Applications)
The police department had another busy week, responding to over 250 calls for service.
The police fleet was improved at low cost. All of our cars now have newly purchased used lights that were bought for pennies on the dollar. This will create a safer environment for officers as well as citizens at incidents. We are waiting on a used K9 Tahoe to become available.
Ontario hosted 3rd and 4th grade boys basketball on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at Four Rivers Community School. This brought in a lot of kids and parents to our community from all around the valley. It was a great day hosted in a great facility.
The laying of electrical lines for the new taxiway lighting project is going very well. Runway end identifier lights and precision approach lights at the end of runway 14 are coming next.
The rotating beacon light at the airport has been repaired and is now back in service for pilots.
The Experimental Aircraft Association has begun planning for area-wide high school students to join in building a glider at the Ontario airport. School notices go out soon to set a date.
Economic & Community Development
Staff is reviewing 8 applications for issuing building permits. We issued 7 permits this past week. Staff is processing 1 new land use application, with 2 still in the process.
Staff met with staff of the Scoping Committee from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for "Safe Routes to School" to look at a possible project along highway OR-201 (SW 30th Street) from SW 18th Avenue to SW 4th Avenue. It was determined by the scoping committee that this probably did not meet the requirements of the funding at this time. There may be future State funding to complete the planned sidewalk connectivity along SE 5th Avenue.
Fire and Rescue
Chief Leighton attended the county emergency management team meeting. He also met with the ambulance service district.
The Fire Chief conducted several building inspections and fire investigations.
Among many calls, Ontario responded to three vehicle incidents. Two were roll overs and one - a vehicle fire that spread to another.
Public Works
Field Service
Catch basin cleaning was completed, we will begin to help address any leaf debris that may contribute to water damning in the street gutters and catch basins.
The scheduled leaf bag pickup has begun this week and will continue through next week. If citizens are concerned, we may have missed their bags, please call the Public Works office at 541-889-8572 and we will pick up the bags.
East Idaho Tree Planter Project continues with work on the north side of  East Idaho moving forward. The south side of East Idaho west of the freeway has all the irrigation and rock installed. We are still waiting for cast iron tree grates from our vendor before we can continue with tree well concrete form work.
CH2M conducted CPR training for all of their staff this week.
Parks and Cemetery
Crews have been mulching leaves in the parks and cemeteries throughout the city and doing general cleanup prior to winter arrival.
The City Engineer reported to the Public Works Committee the report about the Snake River Correctional Institute lower lift station study. The study and presentation will go to the City Council on Tuesday night.


Adam J. Brown
City Manager