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  1. OAC Restroom Building PROJECT MANUAL Portable Document File symbol 2,705 KB
  2. OAC Restroom Building DRAWINGS Portable Document File symbol 3,650 KB
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BID PERIOD ADDENDUM #2 - July 25, 2018

This addendum number two supplements and adds futher information and clarifications to, as well as changes to, the bid documents, including the original bid documents as well as Addendum #1 to those original documents.

  • The date of bids being due is hereby changed. The NEW bid date will be Tuesday, July 31, 2018. The time that bids are due on that new date remains 2:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time, as before.

The Addess for any paper (i.e. non-electronic) bid submittals is:

  • In addition to the previously specified electronic submittal of bids, at their choosing a qualified and submitting General Contractor may alternately, submit their bid on paper. If submitted on paper, the bid including all specified and required documents, will need to be hand delievered, mailed or otherwise provided to the owner and date-stamped by the owner, at or prior to the above NEW bid date and the indicated time of day on that date.
                        City of Ontario
                        Attn: OAC Restrooms Bid Receiver
                        444 SW 4th Street
                        Ontario, OR  97914

All paper (i.e. non-electronic) bids should be contained in a sealed envelope, with the project name as shown on the drawings, clearly indicated on the envelope, along with the company name of the submitting General Contractor. The owner assumes no responsibility for lateness of non-electronic bid submittals, including but not limited to delays in postal and any other delivery systems and services, and other circumstances beyond the owner's direct control.


End of Restrooms Building Bid Period Addendum Number Two